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This post goes out to all those who misunderstood “Time to hit the crib” and the horrible consequences that ensued.

When the medicinal depositor doth arrive and deliver unto you a larger quantity of marijuana than you had initially expected.


i scrolled down for an explanation and there wasn’t one but i think i’m ok with that

I just love this. Nothing more.

When will the bass drop?


a girl walks into a classroom wearing a spaghetti strap shirt. immediately every boy within a 50 yard radius gets a raging erection. the teacher attempts to present a lesson but to no avail, no one can hear over the sound of every male student masturbating to this girl’s shoulders. why couldn’t she just wear a long sleeved shirt

Okay… *ahem*… WHAT THE FUCK?!




So we’ve got a picture of House talking to the 12th Doctor while Sherlock is  in the back trying to sneak away

so basically a typical british day





how did they learn to translate languages into other languages how did they know which words meant what HOW DID TH

English Person: *Points at an apple* Apple

French Person: Non c’est une fucking pomme 

*800 years of war*

"fucking pomme"

I’m done.

Tom with kids & Loki with kids

I feel like the slow-mo shot of Loki should include hardcore gangsta rap, or the Lonely Island’s “I THREW IT ON THE GROUND”

It is the distant future. The year 2000. I am your guide. I shall be posting either "Funny" photoshops (I'm not that professional) or reviews, quotes or just reblogs.

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